Craft Instagram Reels for your med spa in minutes: tips & templates

11 June 2024

Your med spa’s Instagram Reels get tons of engagement, but how long does it take you to make one? 

Between thinking up fresh ideas, recording video footage, finding the perfect music, and everything in between, creating Reels can easily take hours. 

Instead of letting Instagram fall to the bottom of your to-do list, try these tricks to make awesome Reels for your med spa account in less time.

1. Turn Stories into Reels.

Extend the life of Instagram Stories by turning them into Reels in just a few clicks. 

This is the perfect hack for especially busy weeks. 

This option is only available for Story Highlights, so pick one of your favorites or save your latest Story to your Highlights first.

Here’s how to make the Reel:

  1. Tap into the Story Highlight you want to use.

  2. Tap the three-dot menu in the upper right and select “Convert to Reel.” 

  3. Pick an audio track to play in the background. Instagram automatically syncs the Highlight to the one you choose. 

  4. Now for the fun part! Edit your Reel as you normally would. Instagram lets you reorder stories, shorten them, add new clips, and add text and other effects. 

  5. Hit publish.

With just a few edits, you can create engaging Reels that showcase your best Highlights. 

To help you get started, here are some Story Highlight styles that make great Reels:

Repurposing your Stories into Reels maximizes your content's reach and longevity. It helps you engage with a broader audience without having to create new content from scratch every time.

Some IG Stories that make great Reels:

  1. Treatment footage
  2. Before & afters
  3. Patient testimonials
  4. Q&A sessions
  5. Special offers

2. Use Reel templates.

Using templates can help streamline the Reel creation process. 

There are two ways to create a Reel from a template: using Instagram’s native templates and creating a template from another account’s Reel.

Here’s how to use Instagram’s native templates:

  1. Click on the “Post” icon in the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Select “Reel” in the bottom right.

  3. Your library will pop up. Tap the clip you want to use.

  4. Hit “Templates” in the upper navigation bar.

  5. Tap into each clip displayed at the bottom of the screen and hit “Add media” for each.

  6. Hit “Next” in the bottom right.

  7. Tap “Edit video” and edit as normal.

  8. Hit “Share.”

Here’s how to create a template from another account’s Reel:

  1. Tap on the three dots in the bottom right corner and select “Use as template.”

  2. Follow Steps 5-8 above.

We picked out a few templates created by other med spas you can use as a starting point:

Using templates like these cuts out some of the Reel planning steps. With this hack, you can keep your feed fresh and engage your patients and other followers in much less time.

3. Save Reels you like for inspiration.

You can use Instagram’s bookmarking features to save Reels you like for inspiration. 

It’s kind of like creating a digital mood board. 

If you get in the habit of collecting Reels as you scroll, you’ll always have new ideas at your fingertips.

You may want to bookmark Reels that:

  • Share interesting content

  • Use unique formats

  • Use engaging captions or effects

  • Play background music you like

To bookmark a Reel:

  1. Tap the three dots in the bottom right of the Reel you want to save.

  2. Hit the bookmark icon labeled “Save.” This automatically adds the Reel to a collection called “All Posts.”

To create a custom Collection of saved posts:

  1. Tap the hamburger icon in the top right of your profile to access Settings and Activity.

  2. Select “Saved,” which is labeled with the bookmark icon.

  3. In the “Saved” section, hit the + in the upper right.

  4. Give your Collection a name.

  5. Hit “Next.”

  6. Select the posts you want to add to the Collection.

Creating engaging Instagram Reels for your med spa’s account doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. Try repurposing Stories, using templates, and bookmarking Reels and watch your Instagram presence grow with less effort!

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