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Our mission at RepeatMD is to transform patients’ lives.

Our Values

CEO’s statement

Thank you for considering RepeatMD for your next chapter of personal and professional growth.We're a mission-based company that lives by our core values. The core values you see on this page aren’t something that we picked because they sound good.

They were chosen by the original 9 employees of RepeatMD.
Why was this the ideal time to choose these values? Because each member of the founding team contributed so much and collaborated so seamlessly during those times. It felt like an orchestra synchronizing to create a beautiful harmony.

Those days were tough, but a team on a mission made them easier.
Secondly, our intention here is not to be a stepping stone on your resume.Our intention is to be a cornerstone. A place that you can look back at and say, “I learned so much there” and smile when speaking about your experience.

And hopefully a place that you will forever miss when you’ve moved on.
I believe that should be the goal of any company you work with.

And lastly, I strongly believe that a company grows, stalls, or fails by the quality of their leaders. Especially their CEO. The only thing I can tell you about me is that I promise to give you all I’ve got.
I hope you’re willing to give the same in return.I believe we only have a few life-changing opportunities. 

I know RepeatMD can be one of yours.

Phil Sitter

CEO & Founder

Awards & Accolades

The Aesthetics Awards 2021 and 2023 Technology Innovation of the Year

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Houston Innovation Awards 2023 - 
Digital Solutions Business

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We're proud to have 5 stars on Glassdoor and a 100% CEO approval rate.