Highlight these four benefits to upsell patients on med spa packages

9 May 2024

It’s exciting when a new patient expresses interest in coming back to your practice or returns for a second visit.

That means they’re happy with their results and the experience they had.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to upsell them on a med spa package that can help them achieve better results and save money while increasing revenue and repeat business for your practice.

Did they love the look and feel of their skin after their first microneedling treatment? Upsell them a microneedling package with exosomes to fast-track their results.

Did they come in for body sculpting to shrink their stomach? After their first session or two, upsell them a body sculpting bundle with enough sessions to achieve their desired results. 

Upselling your patients on packages is a great way to increase average order value and get them back in the door. 

Over time, patients who buy packages get to know your practice, and if they continue to be satisfied, are also more likely to become loyal.

Purchasing a package instead of one-off treatments has many advantages for your patients, too. 

Emphasize these four benefits to upsell them on a package that will be hard to turn down.

Benefit 1: Your patients save money.

The most enticing reason for patients to buy packages is the amount of money they save. 

While they know they’ll save with a packaged deal, they may not realize how much.

Telling them or showing them the amount they’ll save is the most convincing way to communicate the cost-savings that come with a package.

Doing so helps them quantify and visualize the savings.

You can say, “Typically microneedling is $475 per session, but when you buy a package of 3, sessions come out to $430 each. If you’re planning to come in every 4 months, a 3-pack might be your best bet. It saves you $135. We also offer a similar 3-pack where sessions come out to $450 each and you get a bonus 45 minute dermaplane session.”

You can help them further visualize the amount they save by referencing what they can buy with that money. For example, say, “You save $135, which is three weeks’ worth of Starbucks every day,” or, “How does an extra $135 to spend at your favorite store sound?

If your practice offers patient financing, you can also remind them that they can use it to break up the purchase into manageable payments.

You may also consider displaying the per-treatment cost with and without the package savings side-by-side on signage in your office. If you sell packages on your website or mobile app, you can display the side-by-side comparison there too.

Quantifying the cost-savings makes it more tangible for your patient and makes them more likely to buy.

Benefit 2: They get better, longer-lasting results.

As an aesthetics professional, you know the best results come from getting a treatment consistently or from the combined action of multiple treatments working together.

Your patient may not realize this or may only be thinking about the results they want for their upcoming college reunion rather than the long term. 

Remind them.

For example, if they come in for a light chemical peel, explain that patients see better results and maintain them longer when they’re done in a series.

You can also give them a little information about the science behind it to offer more credibility to your explanation and make it stick. 

You can say, “The peel removes dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin, which is what makes it look firmer and brighter after treatment. It takes about a month for the top layer to regenerate, so if you come in every four or five weeks, your skin will always be repairing itself and you’ll maintain that healthy glow!”

When patients are reminded that consistency makes the treatment more worthwhile, it will be easier for them to justify the purchase.

Benefit 3: It carves out “me time.”

A little TLC is always good for your health. 

As much as we all know that, we get busy and forget how important it is.

Point out that the time your patient spends at your med spa is their “me time” and their commitment to looking and feeling good.

You can even talk about the holistic benefits of self-care, like feeling more balanced, rejuvenated, or pampered. This is a great opportunity for them to take care of themselves.

For example, you can say, “I know how busy you’ve been. It must feel good to take some time for yourself.”

Or, “I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling relaxed. Facials are such a great way to relieve any tension that’s built up during the week.” 

Sometimes, all your patient needs is a little encouragement that making space for “me time” is worth the investment.

Benefit 4: It holds them accountable.

When your patient purchases a package, they’ve already committed the money.

Now they have to make time to come in for the treatments or the money is wasted.

Emphasize that having a series of appointments on their calendar is a great way to build in time for something they have been wanting to do for a while.

Say, “You mentioned that you’ve been wanting body sculpting for years but kept pushing it to the bottom of your to-do list. Packages are a great way to commit to the results you want.”

At the end of the day, packages mutually benefit both your practice and your patients. Communicating their value to patients effectively can go a long way in helping you sell something that guarantees repeat business and delivers results you’re proud of.

About the Author


Sarah Eberle

RepeatMD Med Spa Marketing Expert

Sarah Eberle is a healthcare marketing expert with specialized knowledge in aesthetics, wellness, neuroscience, and cardiology.