5 pro tips for growing your med spa membership program

5 June 2024

Building a well-designed membership program doesn’t mean patients will automatically join.

The good news is, there are specific tactics you can use to grow enrollment and your bottom line.

It all comes down to careful planning, teamwork, and a little flexibility. 

Here are five things you can do to build a lucrative med spa membership program that patients love.

We even asked weight loss expert and owner of The Gajer Practice, Dr. Aleksandra Gajer, for input on how she grew her membership program to six figures a month.

1. Get your whole team on board.

Increase awareness and program adoption by ensuring your entire staff knows what memberships you offer and how they work.

When your entire practice is in-sync, it helps build confidence in those individuals who may be a little more hesitant to convert. Having your team assist those timid patients will increase adoption.

Dr. Gajer’s advice: “Each one of my staff is knowledgeable on our membership program and how to close a patient using our practice’s app. At the very least, I encourage my staff to help patients put the membership in their cart if they want some more time to think about it.”

2. Always introduce your program in person.

Improve your enrollment rate by introducing your membership program to your patients in-person.

The personal and financial commitment membership programs require can be daunting for patients.

Meeting in-person builds rapport by ensuring you are offering your time to talk through the program while answering all of their questions. Doing so helps patients understand the value in the cost, making them more willing to convert.

Here’s how Dr. Gajer does it: “We offer a free, in-person consultation during which I meet with patients and explain our program. Afterwards, the director of my weight loss program will meet to talk through pricing and work on closing the patient.” 

3. Be open to adjusting pricing over time.

Make patients feel heard and keep enrollment numbers up. Be open to making pricing changes as you gather feedback from members.

Patients enrolled in membership programs are coming in regularly, whether it’s for skincare, body sculpting, or weight loss. Having regular contact with members is the perfect scenario for gathering feedback. You can gather feedback informally by simply asking questions, or you can create a brief survey. 

The cost of consumables and running the program can vary based on many factors and so can your members’ budgets. It’s important to make sure your pricing allows you to grow your program while also staying attainable for your patients.

What Dr. Gajer learned about pricing over time: “I wanted to keep my profits while creating a good deal for my patients. Over time I learned that patients don’t like paying for the medications separately, so including that into the monthly membership cost has been very effective. Our patients love never having to take out their wallet.” 

4. Make it accessible to different patients.

Generate greater profits by making your membership program accessible to a variety of patients.

If your practice offers financing, create an option for patients to use it to pay for the membership. You can also make your program accessible to more patients by offering it as a package with financing options if possible. Providing options to use Apple Pay or Google Wallet can also make a difference. The more options you offer, the more likely patients are to be able to pay in a way that best suits their wallet.

How Dr. Gajer makes her membership more accessible: “We offer a package option for our weight loss program at $1,200–$1,500, depending on which package they choose, with meds sold separately. They both have their pros and cons, but those vary patient-to-patient which is why we have different options available.”

5. Keep members engaged.

Help patients achieve their desired results while boosting your renewal rates by keeping members engaged throughout their enrollment. 

Keep patients involved and accountable by doing regular check-ins, celebrating milestones, and sharing tips and tricks for maintaining and maximizing results. You might consider a special newsletter, blog content, events, or promotions available to members only.

Dr. Gajer offers structured coaching on healthy habits and emphases the connection between accountability and results. This makes it easier for patients to stay on track and succeed in their weight loss.

Following this guide will help you maximize membership revenue and patient satisfaction at the same time. If you’re not sure how to get started, try focusing on one tip at a time. Each step will bring you closer to building a thriving membership program patients are excited to be part of.

For a deep-dive on membership growth strategies, check out our masterclass, “Top Learnings from Selling $50K in Memberships.”

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