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New Medical Spa launches a successful membership program and increases sales by 250% in their first year with RepeatMD

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New Medical Spa is a med spa owned by Dr. Teresa Camden in Short Pump, Virginia in the greater Richmond area. New Medical offers injectables, weight management, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, and more. Dr. Camden has over 20 years of experience and loves keeping a pulse on the latest in aesthetic medicine through continuing education and training.

The Challenge

Dr. Camden knew memberships were a great way to generate monthly recurring revenue and increase the business’s enterprise value in the long run. She wanted to start a membership program of her own but struggled to get it off the ground.

“It was an Excel spreadsheet disaster. We had no follow up, we had no collections department, of course, so when a member got a new credit card number, the whole thing would just fall off. It was manual, it was confusing, it was horrible,” said Dr. Camden.

Around the same time, she listened to a podcast featuring RepeatMD, and the rest was history. “I signed up right away,” she said.

The Solution

When New Medical Spa set up their branded patient rewards app with RepeatMD, the first thing they did was build out memberships. 

Dr. Camden was surprised at how easy it was to create memberships and make edits over time as she learned what worked and what didn’t. 

Her ability to manage members, payments, and cancellations in the Admin Panel was a vast improvement from her Excel spreadsheet days. 

Later, she added packages, which became a great way to upsell multiple treatment sessions and cross-sell additional services that could help her patients get the best results. 

She loved tracking membership and package sales and seeing how they were contributing to overall revenue. Since patients had 24/7 access to memberships and packages through the app, she’d even see sales in the middle of the night.

The Results

New Medical Spa saw success with their new membership program right away.

“We started to grow really quickly. Literally, for the first three years, we doubled in size every year, even while the world was shut down due to Covid. Then we started doing packages, and that took off even more. The packages really make the difference in patients’ results and the lifetime value of that patient being content and continuing to come back for another 20 years,” said Dr. Camden. 

Today, New Medical has almost 500 members enrolled in their program and sold over 7,000 packages and memberships in 2023 alone. Their sales have been steadily increasing since starting with RepeatMD in 2019. In their first year with the app, sales increased by 250%, and increased by 600% over the past 4 years.

The Numbers


Active Members


2023 Membership & Package Sales


Revenue Increase in the First Year


Revenue Increase Over Four Years

The practice has developed a system for signing patients up for the RepeatMD app and enrolling them in memberships. 

When new patients fill out their consent forms before the appointment, the front desk mentions that they have a rewards app with great benefits that only takes a few seconds to sign up for. Dr. Camden says most patients choose to download it and start perusing the practice’s services and educational content while they’re waiting.

When Dr. Camden and the other practitioners go over pricing after the appointment, they compare membership pricing to regular pricing. She likes that the app also displays the price comparison.

Most new patients who intend to come in for multiple sessions of a treatment, like tox or weight management, choose to join the membership because the savings they get makes more sense. The practice also refers to their memberships as “plans,” which they have found helps reduce patients’ fear of getting locked into something.

When the patient goes to check out, the front desk seals the deal. 

The front desk attendant says, "I'm just going to go over the plan with you first, and then we're going to get you scheduled out. Then we'll worry about the payment after that. Keep your phone in your hand, and we'll show you where to grab that awesome membership."

“We’ve got it down to a science,” says Dr. Camden.