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How Meesha Aesthetics Made Over $130K in a Day with RepeatMD

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Meesha Aesthetics is a female-owned medspa in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area offering botox, filler, hydrafacials, and other aesthetics treatments. The practice has provided treatments personalized to each client's unique needs for over a decade. Meesha believes, "We're not just here to 'do your botox.' We're here to get to know you and provide some fun along the way."

The Challenge

Chris Balbi, Director of Marketing at Meesha Aesthetics, was looking for a way to stand out among the dozens of other medspas in the area. He wanted to offer patients an experience they couldn’t find anywhere else by rewarding repeat visits and loyalty. He also wanted to extend Meesha's reach beyond the confines of the office.

In February 2023, Balbi met RepeatMD at the annual AmSpa conference. After learning about the platform, he felt confident that it was the right solution for Meesha Aesthetics. "We had always toyed with the idea of rewards but had no way to track it. Then, while we watched what felt like dozens of other medspas opening around us, we knew we needed to stand out. So we looked to RepeatMD to help us motivate clients to stay loyal and earn those rewards," said Balbi.

The Solution

Working alongside his dedicated Customer Success Specialist, Balbi set up Meesha’s very own patient rewards app, Meesha+. He developed packages and memberships and added them to the app’s Shop eCommerce store along with Meesha’s full catalog of treatments.

To encourage app sign-ups, he made his packages and memberships exclusive to the app.

Patients who signed up for Meesha+ now had 24/7 access to all of Meesha's offerings on Shop as well as educational content.

They could engage with the Meesha brand and make purchases anytime, anywhere, and they were rewarded for every purchase and every visit.

The Results

In July 2023, Balbi ran a Barbie-themed campaign to build excitement for Meesha+, encourage patient sign-ups, and boost sales. Through the campaign, Meesha made over $130,000 with RepeatMD on the first day. The practice signed up 6,000 new patients, sold 140 packages, and secured 300 appointments. On day two, Meesha made another $140,000. The campaign created so much momentum that it brought in another $145,000 the day after it ended.

Meesha's Barbie Campaign Results


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Packages Sold




App sign ups

The best part was that it took place entirely online: Meesha made almost $500,000 in sales in just three days without a single patient needing to step foot in the office. Balbi himself was traveling during the campaign and ran it entirely from his phone.

After running his first big RepeatMD initiative, Balbi reflected, "I was 8:30 pm, my email was still going off.

Then, it's 10 pm, I'm getting ready for bed, and I just made another $1,400. I was literally getting paid by my patients while I was getting ready for bed.” Since launching Meesha+, almost 9,000 patients have signed up for the app, and repeat patronage has skyrocketed.

When talking about increased patient loyalty, Balbi remarked, “RepeatMD has offered us an opportunity to incentivize patients to visit our practice more frequently than they used to. We found most clients used to just stock up on skincare at their tri-annual botox visits, but now, since they’re rewarded for every visit, they’ll stop in for just an SPF or cleanser. This gives us an opportunity to get to know them a bit more. Knowing these clients better means it’s easier for us to say things like, ‘Oh hey Janet, last time you said your skin was dry; since you’re coming in for that cleanser, let me know if you want to book a dermaplane while you’re here.'"