Boost your med spa’s sales by leveraging FOMO in your marketing copy

5 June 2024

Tweaking just a few words in your marketing copy can turn browsers into booked patients.

That’s because certain words and phrases evoke a powerful sense of urgency and desirability, leaving patients with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and prompting them to act.

It’s human instinct to want to belong and be in the know and to want to avoid missing out on opportunities.

FOMO marketing taps into those instinctual needs and motivates customers to act quickly before your offer is gone.

Read on for copywriting strategies you can use to write emails, SMS blasts, social media posts, ads, and signage that generate big time FOMO and drive sales.

Harness the power of scarcity, urgency, and social proof

FOMO marketing’s secret sauce has three key ingredients. 

It’s made up of:

  • Scarcity: limited quantity.

  • Urgency: limited time.

  • Social proof: desirability.

The secret to creating FOMO through your copywriting is to express that your offer is in high demand and is available now, but may not be later. 

For example, write:

  • “Our Anniversary Sale only comes once a year. Join 451 patients in saving 20% off all facials booked before 5/31.” 

  • “Two appointments just opened up for this week. We’re booked three months out, so grab this chance to see us sooner!

  • “Delaware’s first micro-coring treatment is now available at Amora Med Spa. Currently booking for members only.” 

This Instagram post from McKinzie Aesthetics Center in Edmond, Oklahoma is another great example. It promotes their limited-time offer for free light therapy treatment with enrollment in their weight loss program.

Since light therapy typically costs over $1,000 and is a great way to refresh your skin after significant weight loss, the offer is pretty appealing. The post uses a time limit to create urgency and real patient results data to show social proof that their program is effective. These tactics make joining their weight loss program now seem like a great opportunity that new patients considering the program shouldn’t miss.

Communicate the value of your offer 

The rush to book an appointment or click an ad before it's too late doesn’t come from scarcity, urgency, and social proof alone–it’s also driven by value.

When you post about an offer on your med spa’s social media account or send out a promotional email, you want to communicate the benefits or advantages. 

You can achieve this in copywriting by highlighting:

  • The exact products or services available.

    For example, “We’re giving away 20 units of tox to one lucky winner.” 

  • The solution or outcome patients can expect.

    For example, “Our weight loss program members lose an average of 11 pounds in 60 days.”

  • High ratings or prestigious awards.

    For example, “4.9 stars with over 5,000 reviews.”

  • The amount of money patients save with your offer.

    For example, “Saves $650.”

  • That the offer is available to VIPs, members, or by invitation only.

    For example, “Appointments only available to VIP tox program members at this time.”

Check out this Instagram post from SkinLab in New York City promoting their limited-time injectables bundle.

The post outlines exactly what patients can get through the promotion, down to the quantities of filler, tox, and serum. It communicates the precise dollar amount patients can save and compares it to the regular price. It also explains the outcome patients can expect from using the hyaluronic acid serum included in the special offer.

Use clear, specific language

Sharing the specific constraints of your offer is more convincing than making vague statements like, “Available while supplies last.”

Instead, write something like, “Only five bottles left” or “Sale ends at midnight.” 

Phrases like “Limited time offer,” “Act now,” “While supplies last,” or “Don’t miss out!” 

are so imprecise and overused that they start to lose their meaning. 

They don’t provide information about how many people have already booked appointments or made purchases. They don’t explain why you should take action. They don’t tell you how much time or how many spots are left.

You want to be as clear and specific as possible. 

Use real data and numbers when you can.

For example, you can write:

  • “Only 10 appointments available” instead of “Only a few spots” or “Booking up fast.” 

  • “Ends at midnight” instead of “Ends soon” or “Time is running out.” 

  • “575 people near you have already booked” instead of “People near you love this treatment” or “Most of our appointments are already booked.”

  • “Only available Friday, May 24 from 1-4 pm” instead of “Only available today.”

It’s also important to explain why it's in patients’ best interest to act fast or what they miss out on if they don’t purchase. 

For example, write:

  • “We release a new holiday facial every year and never bring the same one back” instead of “Our holiday facial is only available while supplies last.”

  • “We only open spots to non-members once a year” instead of “Available to non-members for a limited time.”

Patients will take your offer more seriously and want to check it out if they understand how much time they have and what’s at stake.

We love this Instagram post from Infinity Med Spa in Santa Clarita, California.

The post promotes their Mother’s Day Filler Party. Instead of saying something generic like “limited quantity” and “limited time only,” they state that there are only 15 spots available, that appointments must be booked on April 25, and that the promotion won’t be returning anytime soon–it only happens once per year. 

How to write marketing copy that creates FOMO and drives sales

  1. Highlight scarcity, urgency, and social proof
  2. Communicate the value of your offer
  3. Use clear, specific language

FOMO marketing is an effective way to drive demand for your services and increase patient engagement across channels. Studies show that more than half of people exposed to FOMO marketing make purchases within 24 hours. Leverage the copywriting techniques outlined in this guide to help your med spa generate more buzz and more sales than any other practice in your area.

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